Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Nona! Rest Peacefully! xx

Me, My Nona, and my cousin N
Me and Nona on my 2nd birthday! Wonder what I wished for...

Today would of been my paternal grandmothers 94th birthday. Sadly she passed away last night. :( Her passing brings mixed emotions.... of course sadness that she has gone, she will be missed. But also a sense of happiness and relief that she finally got her wish. She has been unwell for quite a while and has hoped and prayed that she would pass, but the years just kept ticking away as did her heart.

Her husband, my pop, passed when I was 2, so she has been without him for 32 years... I couldn't even imagine the hole your heart to be away from your partner for so long. I bet it was a beautiful reunion.....

So today, I am going to remember my Nona! I am not really sure why we call her Nona...all of our cousins call her Nan and Nanny, but my brothers and sister and I have always called her Nona! I love it! :)

Nona and I used to make beautiful frangipani necklaces while my mum played tennis when I was just a little girl... I guess I would of been 4 or 5. I can remember pushing the stems inside the petals until they were a long chain to go around my neck. I used to break alot of frangipanis while doing this and I think in all honesty that I would end up wearing Nonas frangipani necklace all the time.

Tennis and Nona went hand in hand... so it is funny that she passed while the Australian Open was on too. I remember when she lived at Funnel St the tennis would be on all the time... If it was Wimbeldon time, then she would be up till all hours watching it.... if we were having sleep overs, we could stay up late to watch it too. Yay for Nona! :)

She taught me to make piklets... she taught met to not make them too big, and to wait until there were at least 9 air bubbles popped before flipping them. I felt very grown up being able to flip the pikelets...

I used to love climbing her mulberry tree and eating all the mulberrys.

She had a sort of maroon/cherry red car when I was little and she loved to drive it sooo much. I remember how sad she was when she was told she wasnt allowed to drive anymore. Now that I drive I understand why she was sad.

I remember I used to look in her letterbox all the time for mail and I loved to play with the barbies and their clothes from the cabinet in the front room.

I remember her soft squishy cuddles.

One of my favourite things about Nona is that because of her my dad could come to visit with me and travel while I was living in the UK. It was fun to pick him up at Heathrow and take him around London and over to Paris. (growing up watching my dads slides of his travels inspired me to do it too, which is why it was so wonderful to have him over there with me)

Nona, I didnt say it enough, or spend enough time with you, but I miss you and I love you. And I am so glad that you are not in any pain anymore. Fly! xxx

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