Sunday, December 6, 2009

I am a Mousketeer!!! :)

The Tutus and Muddy Shoes/Knitwish stall at the start of the day. Looked pretty cute I thought!:)
Dresses, skirts, nappy pants, shorts

Fairy Floss singlets, Dummy Chains and Ruffle Buttons

Not alot left at the end of the day! :)

Well, Saturday has now been and gone.... and it was.....Fan...tas....tic!!!

I had a ball... really! :) Even hubby came along, and I think he had a ball... lol

It was really hectic in the lead up to the BrisStyle markets.... every spare second was sew, sew, sew.. lol get it... go, go,, sew, ... ok, that was lame. lol anyway... I was sewing right up till the night before the market... just a few more things I wanted to try.... but of course the later it got, the tieder (is that a word) I got... the more I couldnt sew straight.... so I packed it up happy with what I had to take.

What a night we had before... I went to bed about midnight. At 4AM, yes 4! Our daughter awoke and decided that it was morning, even after the bottle she wouldnt settle back to sleep for a good hour.... I must of been having a bit of a dream and thought to open my eyes and noticed it was light outside.... hmm, check the clock..... 6.34am.... OMG, I had set the alarm for 6. What happened??? No time to think about it... its 6.30 I yelled to Russ as I jumped out of bed.... I ran to the shower and started getting me ready.... He got up and packed the car.... then we got the kids up and were out the door...
I quickly texted my stall buddy! "I'm Late!!!!"
We got to mums and did a dump and run with the kids.... good luck she called as we jumped in the car.... We got to St Augustines about 7.45am... not bad. A little later than I wanted, but not bad.
The lovely Steph from Wimcee was lending us her market umbrella, so I located her and the umbrella and we were off.... well sort of... the umbrella was up, the table was up.... geez, where was the table home on the table where I had left it...
My husband is always telling me, dont put things under my wallet or under whatever... The tablecloth was the first thing in the pile of "stuff" I was taking to market... surely you would grab everything in the pile.... ??? lol, oh well, lucky Rach and I decided we would both bring a cloth. She got there 2 minutes later and we were away. We had our stall set up in no time... and It looked pretty cute! :)

The day went quite fast until about 1pm, then things slowed down alot. We had alot of lovely customers come buy and oohhh and ahh at our stuff.... and alot of lovely customers come by and show us the money! :) We had fun! It was such a great day for a market, apart from the occaisional gust of wind. :) We also got to meet a few of the lovely BrisStyle girls which was great! :)

I am really happy with my first ever market and all the lovely feedback I got. It was alot of work, but definately worth it!

So now for pictures!