Sunday, January 17, 2010

Memories.... Like the corners of my mind....

Is that how it goes??? Im not even sure.

The other night I was lying in bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep cause of all the thoughts and plans running through my head. Its exciting in there. lol
But, one of the things I was thinking about was that it would be nice to jot down memories that I have... just randomly.... as far back as I can remember.... My long term memory seems to be alot better than my short term. ooops.
My older brother and I have little competitions to see who can remember the most...I always win, of course, he he he. He thinks I am making things up and tricking him.....

Today I am going to start with my maternal grandparents... Nan and Pappy!

I remember loving their garden, full of mint and strawberries and hydrangeas... I loved to play in the garden and smell the mint and pick the strawberries... I also loved that their next door neighbour had a big macadamia nut tree and the nuts would fall in Nan and Pappys yard, and I would collect all I could and get pappy to help me crack the nuts. :)

I remember that nan had a sewing room... we werent really allowed in, but I loved it anyway. And Pappy had a room he kept his beer in. We werent allowed in their either...
I remember they had plastic on the carpet in the hall to protect it. I remember the front room was always sunny and Nan used to sit in there all the time and talk on the phone.
I remember Nans pea and ham soup... i hated peas, and I hated ham, but geez it was yummy! I remember being burnt on the arm by a cigarette at a party in their back yard while getting a cuddle... it hurt... put me off ciggarettes! :) But that the burn was followed by the yummiest cheesecake I have ever eaten!!! I remember swinging on the hills hoist with my brother... and getting in big trouble for it...I remeber Pappy bouncing me on his knee all the time. I remember the little radio... i remember eating those pillow bickies with the spicy centre, they were a treat. I remember looking at the stars in their back yard...I remember the little door that lead under the house (it was like a half door) and always wondering what was in there... like it was magic, till I discoved it was just the dirt and cobwebs and some old newspapers.... I remember they gave me my first sewing machine, which I loved, for my birthday in grade 9, then sewing scissors in grade 10... which I didnt love, (back then)... i remember them playing the pionola..... my memories are thinning...

I think If I write them down I may never forget them! :)

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  1. Such a good idea! I bet you'd like these books... we were given the New Parents one for our bub & I love the range of questions :)