Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Rain in Spain....oops BrisBane

Its raining is Brisbane and I love it!

How wonderful is it to hear the rain falling on the tin roof at night? Actually apart from one section of the house we dont have a tin roof. he he he, but I do love to hear the water gurgling down the downpipes into the rainwater tank.

I love the woosh or car tyres driving through puddles? I love it! Well, unless I am walking on the footpath and get splashed with muddy water. Then I really don't love it.

I especially love the din sound when I bang on my rainwater tank, no longer an echo of emptyness, but full to the brim with beautiful water!

I love the glisten on the trees and the grass! I love that my vegie patch is being watered. I love knowing that in a couple of days my grass will no longer crunch crunch crunch under my feet!

Braith, my 4 year old hates it when it rains on a kindy day! No outside play time!

Oh, listen, the rain has just started again! ahhh, time for bed!


Mum, I don't want to go home!
Keeley loves to walk... and model Tutus and Muddy Shoes!
We love Holidayze!!!

Who doesnt love sand on their nose?!

Sunset beach walk

Brotherly love!

I love a holiday! Who doesn't??? I know my son definately does... everytime we prepare to go somewhere, he gleefully starts shouting randomly.... "Holidayze" in a cute drawn out tone.... We could be in a shopping centre surrounded by people, who of course stare curiously at my son, then at me. he he he

So on Friday we packed up the car and headed to Novotel Twin Waters Resort! Don't you love it when a place exceeds your expectations. I "thought" if was going to be great. I had a friend who talked it up, so I was worried I might be dissapointed... but no. We stayed in a gorgeous one bedroom apartment that overlooked the lake. The room was huge! Yay! The bed was huge! Yay! There was a spa bath! Yay! It was huge! Yay! The kids had a great time! It was so family friendly. We met up with our friends who were up from Melbourne and met their gorgeous bubba. We ate well, we drank well, we swam, and we relaxed! :) Oh and I did a bit of sewing!:)

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Small things... Beautiful friends!

I do love facebook! I do! It is fun for finding out what your friends are up to... checking up - Oops, catching up, ;P on friends old and new. Sharing bubbas and weddings that would otherwise never be seen and just plain time wasting. Before facebook I swear I had an extra 2 hours in the day..

Earlier this year I was contacted by one of my best friends from high school. We hadn't seen each other in 17 years, can you believe it!
Teenage dramas meant we all dropped out of contact not long after we finished school. I blame my brother for me being tracked down. :) It isnt a bad blame... That is one good thing about married names... if you don't want to be found, you don't have to be. ;p
Anyway, it was lovely to hear from her and what was going on in her life, (she's pregnant, woot woot - you know I love babies!) Slowly I started to reconnect with two of my other best girlfriends from school and it was like no time had passed. It was right, and it was nice to be able to say sorry and put all the teenage angst behind us once and for all.
Its nice to have beautiful friends who know the good and bad, the ins and outs that school life brings.
One of the friends I reconnected with also has two children, similar in age to my two, and we both shared the guilty pleasure of watching our bubbas sleep at night. :)
The path to rekindling these old friendships has been bittersweet.
Not long into re-newing our friendship I learned that my beautiful friend Nik had bone Cancer. :( She found out when she was 36 weeks pregnant with her second son Charlie. Charlie had to come early so that Nik could be rushed off for treatment straight away. She told me how distressing it was to have a new born baby and not be able to have those first cuddles with him. My heart broke for her. :(
Not long after we made contact she had to go into hospital. There was fluid on her lungs and they needed to drain it. Since we got in contact we would write mamoth emails on a daily basis. I would race to the computer every day to see if she had responded and how she was going. And she would do the same.... she always said she was stalking me. We laughed about that.
We learnt alot about each other and our lives in the time that we wrote to each other, and I knew there was still alot to learn. She was a very wise and selfless woman. She had true belief that she would beat this horrible disease and she was strong.
The four of us made plans to meet up, but of course daily life kept getting in the way and we pushed the plans back and back again. I was so nervous about meeting up with the girls, I wondered how things would be. Nik re-assured me that everything would be as it should be, just like it used to be. She said, once you forget all the bullshit, we are still the same people.
We were due to meet up for a brunch on the 26th of September, sadly Nik had to go back into hospital, so we yet again had to push it back.
We still emailed and texted while she was in hospital, and on the Monday she was very excited that they were going to release her and send her home to be in her own surroundings. She also said she was scared... That worried me. I didnt know what she meant.
Once she got home we didnt really hear from her and everyone started to get quite worried. We prayed for our beautiful friend to win the battle.
On the 3rd of October, sadly Nik lost the fight. I still cant believe shes not here. I still open my inbox hoping for more emails from her. There is so much I dont know, so much I want to know about my beautiful friend.
She was laid to rest on the 8th of October and now she is an angel in heaven, she always was an angel. She leaves behind a very devoted husband and father, Dave. He is just amazing with his boys. And two absolutely gorgeous boys, Jack and Charlie.
Nik, you taught me so much about life and whats important in life in such a short time. I thank you for bringing our group together again.
I love you, and will remember you always!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Guilty pleasures!

I have many guilty pleasures... eating marshmallows that are half melted on the top of a hot chocolate, playing with putty, massaging lactic acid (pleasure and pain - wierd I know) chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate... but I also have a couple of guilty pleasures when it comes to my little girl....

The first has come to a close as of last weekend when we moved her into her bedroom, well she is 10 1/2 months, so I delayed it for a long time ;p.... my guilty pleasure was watching her sleep at night. Babies are just so peaceful when they sleep and just so delightful to watch. I could spend hours watching her sleep. If only there were enough hours in the day. So she has gone to her own bedroom, which is wonderful, now I have to go in there to watch her sleep. Lucky the recliner is still in there. :)
My other guilty pleasure is nursing her for her day time sleep, well at least one of them... I know, I know, many people will say I am making a rod for my back etc etc, but she sleeps through the night and always has done, so I'm not worried about that. :) It also means that I sit down during the day and relax for an hour or so, but I also get to snuggle and cuddle with my bubba, something that will be gone too soon. So for now, I am going to indulge this guilty pleasure and make the most of it! :)