Wednesday, November 18, 2009

17 Sleeps.... no not till Xmas... till the BIDM!!!

Wowee! Reality is starting to hit! In 17 days I am going to be doing my first ever market! I am a pretty shy person, so this is going to be huge putting myself out there completely to be judged, on what I love to!

I am excited and nervous and sewing like mad... when I get a chance. How much stock do you need? What if nothing sells? What if I am like one of those people on Australian Idol... you know, the ones that can't sing, but think they can... arrrghhh. Maybe my friends and family have just been being kind to me all this time.... who would want to buy my stuff.... the thoughts that race around in my head daily!!!

I feel reasonably prepared... I have a bit of stock and have a plan in place for how much more I would love to have... only thing is... thus far I have always fallen behind in my plan.... lol Oh no!

It is my daughters first birthday on Thursday too, so we have a party to plan, and host.... my newly engaged sister is up for the weekend.... (it is also her birthday on Thursday- my sister and daughter share:), so there will be much celebrating next week with birthdays and engagements, it is the hubbys work Christmas do on Saturday, so this weekend is a goner... on paper it looks bad. I really should be sewing instead of typing... on a good note... I tried something I have always wanted to yesterday. Growing up I loved loved loved my shirred dresses.... so finally I made one for Keeley. She looks adorable in it. It is a really vibrant purple.... the pictures don't do it justice..... She wore it to the park today to watch Braith play sport and the great model she is, we sold one already! Yay! now, off to continue shirring! :)