Thursday, January 21, 2010

Memories of my mum.... growing up!:)

Mum and I on my wedding day. I wore her dress
and had it altered to my style.

Mum and B

Mum and K

Memories of my mum will be one that I will come back to lots and lots I think.... there are just sooo many memories.....

I remember going shopping at Toombul with here, (there used to be a massive T outside Toombul) We would always stop at the donut shop on the way in and out of the shops just so that I could watch the batter plop in the fat and go up the ramp! I loved that soooo much.

Then more often then not we would have lunch at a little cafe that used to be at the entrance of coles... it must of been a small cafe, only half a dozen tables or so... I would always get an egg and lettuce sandwich and a strawberry milk.. they are still among my fave things to have... And I craved strawberry milk when pregnant with Braith....

I remember helping my mum do the cleaning... I used to love polishing the banister railing that lead from downstairs to up. It must of been the cleanest bannister in the world.

I remember doing the washing with mum. I had a hand basin and I would wash my dollies clothes and hang them on my mini clothes line!

I remember mum always giving us a big warm bath on a sunday night after all the yard work was done and then we would have eggs or soup for dinner and watch Disneyland.... I loved Sundays!

I remember she always used to sing Frara Shaka..... totally the wrong spelling, she still sings that to my kids....

I remember I loved trying on her clothes and her shoes.... and even her bras. lol

I remember her and dad throwing me to each other on their bed, it was a game, not bad throwing, lol I loved it!

I remember all her cuddles and kisses and always telling her I never wanted her to die and leave me.

I remember clinging to her as she threw me in the pool for my swimming lesson... that she had paid good money for. lol

I remember crying so hard for her not to leave and chasing her down the path when she dropped me at kindy.

I remember her doing my hair every morning.

I remember wanting to sit in her lap at night to watch telly, even right up into high school! :)

I will remember more.... now for a photo..... I like photos with posts.....

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