Monday, January 11, 2010

I saw on telly the other night the results of some report about men sleeping through the sound of a crying baby, supposidly it is all true, they just dont hear that pitch when they are sleeping.
I can completely attest to this. There have been many an occaision where it has been hubbys "turn" to get up to the kids... I wait and listen to them call and think yes he heard it, he must of.... no movement... oh, a snore... he'll hear in a second..... nope, so I push him... nothing, shake him... nothing.... I am almost ready to jump on him when I realise it is just much easier to go myself. lol

Not us ladies though, our maternal alarm bells go off the minute they roll over or whisper our names!

I used to be a deep sleeper, a reeeealllly deep sleeper. When I was growing up we had a ute, an 18 foot boat and trailer and an outboard motor stolen from a couple of houses in the street all in one night. Now the whole street slept through it, so I am not taking any responsibility, but just to say that some of it was stolen from the house next door, right below my bedroom window....didnt hear a thing!!! Ooops!

These days all it takes is a whispered "muuuummm" and I am up in a shot.

I do love it though... Braith has a King Single, so there is plenty of room, and I know that in a few short years he will be putting a padlock on his door to keep me out.... so here is another thing I will treasure for now! :)

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  1. Haha, I hear ya! My hubby was worried because the dogs would wake him & i'd sleep on oblivious - he thought maybe it would be the same with a bub. Of course it's not - definitely have our hearing wired differently!