Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Mailbox - part 1

Everyone has an obsession with something.... right??? 

Ok, maybe a few obsessions, chocolate and tea ranking highly there.

I am talking about things that jog happy memories, that take you back to your childhood.  That give you butterflies, warm fuzzies, LOVE!!!

For me it is letters, mail, mailboxes, postboxes, letter boxes, snail mail.  Whatever you want to call it, something about a little envelope with my name on it and a little box with a slot in it makes me happy. 

I remember as a kid waiting for the sound of the "Postie" on his bike.  It is very distinct right?? 
He came past the back of our house first, which gave me just enough time to race out the front door and be waiting by the letterbox when he got there.  And I did.

I never understood why my mum and dad didn't get as excited about the postie, cause they got letters every day.  As an adult I now get it, but I still get that little rush when the postie has been. 

As a kid, I didn't really get much mail.  Once a year Barbie would write to me for my birthday = Awesome!

I remember my first Valentine being discreetly dropped  in the letter box.  Bless.

Expo 88 was perfect.  I signed up at the Australia Post stand and pressed the button to get me a few penpals.  My influx of mail was growing.  Yes!

My fascination went beyond the letters though.  I also loved letterboxes.

I always thought our letterbox growing up was so elegant on its curvy wrought iron stand.  with the box matching the house colour. 

I tried, but cant find a picture of the old letterbox.  Mum and dad updated it when they sold the house.  The wrought iron stand is gone and the colour no longer matches the house, in fact the whole box has changed direction.  Oh well, the path from this front door to the box was well worn let me tell you. 

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